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My name is Lori, I used to smoke about a pack and a 1/2 A-day which = 35 cigaret a day.  On October 30th  my husband  Was admitted to the hospital. He has been dealing with a very weak heart for the last couple of years. And this time it almost took his life. His heart function was down to 10% he had filled up with water and was basically drowning. His heart is in such bad shape, He is going to need an LVAD (left ventrical assistance device) or a heart transplant... For either of these surgical procedures he cannot be around a smoker whatsoever and I must quit and I must quit now.. On the 1st day I tried to put them down I ended up picking up the pack 7 times and smoke 7 cigarets. The 2nd day I smoke 9 cigarets the 3rd day I smoke 10 cigarettes... I am dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. I have a 14 mg patch that I have been wearing but it doesn't seem to help much. Me urges are strong and severe and  The withdrawals are very intense. I have emotions and anxiety but I'm not sure of it has to do with the situation at hand or of its actually just from quitting smoking... I have joined several support groups when none of them seem to offer Someone to talk to when you're going through your extreme urges and cravings. That's what I need help with I don't have medication so it's getting extremely hard to fight off after I fight the urges I sometimes feel very tired and wanna go to sleep. I did notice a couple of times after going several hours without a cigaret the smoking it made me feel ill and sick to my stomach. I was very weak at the knees and light headed. Which I didn't like cause I always enjoyed smoking a cigarette. So at this point I don't know what to do or where to turn to get help. I just started this and I know is going to be very hard on me especially with all the stress it is occurring in my life.. If anybody could help or tell me what to do I sure would appreciate it because I have to do it no matter what.