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No quotes here and no inspiration and no motivation.  Just a few truths I need to get out there.  And please keep in mind that I speak only for myself and not the other elders or quitters or soon to be quitters or want to be quitters


When I write here, I write from experience usually and sometimes I write from knowledge.  Sometimes its simply from the heart only.  But I recognize that quitters are individuals who have unique experiences and challenges.  I do not try to lump a quit into one 'fits all sizes'.


Please don't read what I post and think "She's so wrong...she doesn't get me at all".  You may be correct, I don't get you.  But don't take it personally.  I don't know you or your quit journey.  But I'd like to so feel free to add your story or thoughts!!  The more we share, the more we can help others.


While I can't touch everybody's experiences or feelings or struggles during their quits, there are some universal truths about quitting that I do emphasize:


1.  The only way to quit is to not smoke.  True for every one of us each and every time.

2.  When you quit, you are going to be stepping out of your comfort zone.  There is no way around it. 

3.  Quitting...and smoking...is a choice.  You get to pick.

4.  Quitting makes us face emotions that we have stuffed for years!!  It's horrible and wonderful all at once (to me). 

5.  People don't regret quitting.  People do regret smoking.

6.  Quitting is a journey, not a one time event.  Have you ever been through a holiday without smoking?  What about a job change?  A loss?  A celebration?  The journey continues with every step we take without smoking.


As much as I try to help, I don't help everyone.  My words may not spark anything in you.  That's ok.  There are so many people here with kind hearts, great wisdom, and unique talents....look around and find someone who speaks to you.  But keep in mind that I'm not knowingly shutting you out.  I don't have all the answers....I don't even know all the questions  

I'm just here to help.