Day 4

Discussion created by Ronwv on Nov 2, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2019 by Swanbird

Every day I wake up feeling better and better and the waves of cravings hit less and less.just still trying to figure out if I am hungry or still craving.been drinking water and try eating something small about every 3 hours.


Last night,seemed like my mind wouldn't shut down.i use the nrt mints but I only used 3 yesterdAy. So ,I think I am on the right track.i still absently run my hands in my pockets looking for my can of snuff that is not there.I just figured out that I need candy for the mouth,cause I keep wanting to search for the dip dirt in my gums and that stirs up a trigger and cravings.

I really have to pay attention for when my fire tones go off. I use to put a dip in to handle the stress. Learning to control that craving. But,one craving at a time.

I know the fight is still early but,I am feeling better physically and each cravings and triggers are getting less or I am gaining better control.

I don't know why I always fail my earlier attempts to quit but so far this hasn't been too bad. Maybe cause I have better educated my self or changed my quit attitude.

I don't know how this site knows when I am having a down moment but when I see text from the automatic text. It seems to know what I am feeling at the moment and of course it gives me a link to what I need to read at the moment.


I like reading the dAily pledges cause I see the support and what is coming in days ahead of the quit. Nothing like getting prepared.


Time to face the day and fight the good fight.