Rough night .

Discussion created by Ronwv on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2019 by elvan

Now I am into day 3 . yesterday was going great and then I hit the brick wall.. I just tried everything to clear my head. 

Yes,I walked,deep breath,and tried to stay focus.


I was so tired ,I couldn't concentrate at all.good thing it was hAlloween night and I was busy enough to remain awake.


Dang storm came through my area. First flooding and the. The winds. Up all night on the volley cutting trees.


Now going to do day 3 and hope I get done early..yesterdAy,was a emotional dAy for me and I am usually a hard headed person.

Enough complaining. So here I give my daily pledge of not using any nic. Today, tomorrow or forever.


This site has been a life savior during the mental crisis of my quit.Physical part,I am learning to deal with. It's the mental game that has me almost in years..but,I know it's the brain and nic messing with me and I just have to show who is boss.


ThAnk AgAin. Ronwv