Closing in on 3 months!

Discussion created by RevTerrie on Oct 31, 2019
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I haven't posted in a little while. I've been working on a few things so that I can move forward. I've seen doctors at Hershey Medical Center for my Crohn's disease and I'm FINALLY seeing some light at the end of this two and a half year tunnel of active Crohn's. I lost about 170+ pounds during all this and was so sick. I'm starting to feel better and the absolute best thing that happened was when I applied for a county government job because I'm tired of fighting social security to get my benefits back. I took the civil service test and they said that I got a perfect score. I had the interview and it was the strangest one I've ever had. The woman that met me first was great and we were laughing and talking all the way to her office and when we arrived in her office she was playing Ozzy Osbourne.... I immediately thought this interview was going to go absolutely fantastic! I filled out a form and then, to my dismay, I was taken to the room where the actual interview was going to take place. She opened these big double doors and I saw three old ladies sitting at a huge table with no expressions on their faces and a chair on this side of the table in front of them for me to sit and answer their questions. I now know what Bob Mueller must have felt like testifying before the judiciary committee. When it was over, I felt like I had done well under the circumstances and the friendly lady walked me out and apologized for not warning me that civil service interviews are very formal. I thought to myself...yes, that would have helped! But they called me for a second interview so evidently I did okay. The second interview was fabulous and they hired me at the end of the interview. I'll start in November sometime when my clearances and drug test come back. With the salary I'll be making and the benefits I will soon be able to get another car and move out of my parent's house! My quit is intact, largely because of all of you, and I will celebrate 3 months on November 12th! Soon I'll be living in my own place again and it'll be smoke free!! No more people laying cigarettes around trying to sabotage my quit! Thank you all so much! I am over the moon!! God must be saying.... your time is now! It seems like everything is falling into place. I love some of you very much for your support and encouragement even when I was just reading your posts.


Sorry I wrote a book again!