Can we help you quit sooner? (October 2019)

Discussion created by Mark Employee on Oct 31, 2019

Around the last day of every month I'm going to look for people who have a quit date more than 50 days in the future. You're mentioned below because it appears you have a quit date set more than 50 days in the future.


We're glad that people come to EX every day to quit. Some are excited to get started while others are apprehensive for their own reasons.  We get that.  But we want to help with that apprehension and any worries they have to help make quitting as easy as it can be. Part of that is having the information so you can feel more confident in making a change sooner than later. Whether you're chewing, vaping or smoking EX is the place to get information and resources to help with your quit journey.


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Have questions? The others mentioned with you likely have the same concerns so we encourage you to ask. Feel free to post them as as reply and other members of EX (experienced quitters and those who have started their quit journey) will respond to your questions.  I'll try to organize the questions and answers so they're easy to see.


EX Community Manager