Slogging through the swamp

Discussion created by PastTense on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by elvan

I really thought I would feel more quit by now.

I am still teetering over the abiss of addiction with only determination to keep my on the right side of the cliff.

Of course, the more I post on this site the further back from the edge I am.  Alas, circumstances and then pure laziness kept me off the site for a while.  Laziness or the pull of nicotine??  I would dearly love to blame the substance for the lack of effort, but that would not be true and if I don't face the truth fully, I will never, ever be truly quit. 

  I already KNOW I need to be here every day.  So if I don't make the effort to sign in, that is just giving myself permission to fall off the quit. 


I need this quit to stick so I am owning it.  I know that if I can stick with it long enough, being smoke-free will feel as normal as smoking ever did.  I just need to power through until that magic moment in time.


It's okay if this didn't make sense to anybody but me.  I'm here and posting which means the Quit is still strong.  At least, strong enough to go one more day.

Thanks, all y'all, for being here