Made it through my quit day.

Discussion created by Ronwv on Oct 29, 2019
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I can honestly say today was one of the toughest day I been in awhile. I guess I was handling the withdrawals ok. Only when I took my break or lunch at work. Is when those cravings hit me pretty darn hard.


I took my nic mints and they really helped that that edge off. Twice at work. I caught myself getting irritable and both times I walked away.

Out the the blues,a co worker asked if I wanted some free snuff and of course my mind and heart is going hundred miles an hour. But,I told him I just quit snuff and today is my quit day.


Of course leaving work. I smelled a burning cig and that s et my craves into high gear. Got in my car drove off while listening to the oldies station.


Going to bed,since the last two hours I been doing a project and was getting mad and the wife told me I was being a turd. So off to bed and hope tomorrow is A better day.emotionally. 


Thanks for the supporting texts,they made me smile and they came at the right time in my cravings and withdrawals.

Keep the quite and got it going on. Even if it takes a min to min to fight this.