Remembering Why - Pressing On

Discussion created by cfbays on Oct 26, 2019
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Today is the 8th day of my Quit and no it hasn't been easy, but it wasn't easy being a slave to my addiction. About 45 days ago I found out that I had a tumor in my parotid gland and would that I would need parotidectomy surgery to remove it. Although my doctor didn't tell my smoking caused the tumor I knew it most certainly didn't prevent it nor would it benefit my future health. For me, it was a big warning sign that I needed to stop being so careless with my life and that I needed to stop smoking. I immediately asked my doctor to prescribe something to help me stop smoking and he gave me bupropion. I took the pills for a little over 3 weeks while I continued to smoke. I kept saying to myself I wasn't quite ready. Every cigarette I lit up tasted horrible; the bupropion was doing its job. By now surgery was 6 days away and I was still puffing away. I realized I was playing a game with myself and If I was going to quit I needed to start. That day I threw away all my emergency packs as I smoked my last one. Since that day I haven't picked up one. N.O.P.E!  Some days it's harder than others.


My surgery was 3 days ago. I'm on the healing side and all the anxiety that I had leading up to the surgery is now gone. The surgery is behind me but that old addiction is right there saying, "hey everything is ok now, let's go have a smoke", but I don't answer that stupid ole addiction. I just keep remembering why I stopped in the first place then I keep pressing on. It's hard yes, but it was hard to be a slave to some tobacco wrapped in paper. I have to keep remembering. I have to keep pressing on. And when I wake up tomorrow I have to do it all over again.