Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Discussion created by Ronwv on Oct 28, 2019
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I told myself the other day .when I am done with my last can of snuff. There is no turning back.


So,tomorrow Tues October 29. Is my new quit date and I have my emergency quit kit ready and my phone will be charged and ready to go.


Yes,I spent about a week reading just about everything I can find. To fight this addiction,triggers and the nasty withdrawals.


I have promised take my time and to walk away from any triggers or slippery excuses. I know is coming.


I will use this site to find the support and the encouragement to continue this fight.


I will admit it is going to be tough.but,I trying to maintain a positive attitude and go on as just another day.but nic free.


You guys and gals have been very supporting and the automative text has really helped me to get my head on straight.


Tomorrow is a new day and let the fight begin.