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When does day one start.

Question asked by Ronwv on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by newlife5

My quit is Nov 5.but,I have a weird question that has been tinkering in my mind.

Let's say I just got done with my can of snuff around noonish and did not use again.would that day consider as day 1 or is the next day be day 1 at noonish.


I say anytime during the time last use to 24 hour cycle be day 1.

Why I asked is I noticed I am almost empty and 8 days till quit and I am NOT buying another can.

I know I can change my quit date anytime and yes,I been reading everything I can find on the search bar.and yes,I have been delaying my dips and thinking how I can work through my cravings and triggers.

I actually woke up this morning feeling super confident and hardly used any snuff today.