(: Looking through some old pics :)

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I'm kicking back this evening in my room scrolling through the pictures on my tablet Mark is watching TV relaxing in the living room we'll put lunch on for Mark's Mum after church tomorrow Mark's sister Wendy always joins we each bring something and always end up with a great meal and it's nice for their Mum her name is Muriel she decided to move into a retirement home awhile ago then she changed her mind and decided not to then changed her mind again so we'll be moving her on Thursday which is Halloween but it's the best day for Mark to take off, I think she's tired and it's getting cold plus she's almost 93 we're doing everything we can but we worry about her being alone and thankfully it's her choice and she'll only be a half hour away they have nurses right there too, I pray she'll like it there's so many pluses there's even a hair dresser and our Dr says he goes there, I've been quite concerned about her she's going to be in the same town as my Dad and younger sister which is nice  here's a collage I put together of some pics that I was looking through I hope you like them.... it feels good to kick back and it feels really good to deal with life on life's terms which is definitely the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the Gift of LIFE ......