NRT to quit juuling or vape

Discussion created by yarasamhan on Oct 15, 2019
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Hi everyone! I never post on things like this but I think this is important. I started juuling when they first came out. I was 16-17 years old and i’m now 19... i’ve never smoked cigarettes but I believed that vapes weren’t harmful until the recent news and having friends and family send me articles on the ~dangers~ .. long story short I have been trying to quit.

I first tried the nicotine patches a couple of days ago, I started on step one (21mg) because i’ve realized there are no supplements to help vapers quit and wasn’t sure which dosage would be the most helpful. After an hour of having the patch on I felt nauseous, wanted to throw up, and I then realized I overdosed so I took the patch off and fell asleep for a couple of hours. 


Yesterday, I decided to get the step 3 patches (7mg) I’ve had it on for almost 24 hrs and feel fine. I haven’t hit my juul since i’ve had it on. I also got the 4mg mints and 4mg cinnamon gums (currently buy one get one free at target) they have been helping a lot and I’m excited to be juul free!! i’ve tried quitting cold turkey and read Allan Carrs book many times and I’ve never tried supplements because he recommended not to, but supplements really do help! 


Overall, if you really want to quit juuling- get the patch, get the gum and just don’t think about it. if you get a craving pop a 4mg gum in. It’s more a behavioral thing for me, just the act of juuling - or having to have my juul on me all the time that I need to get past. 5:29pm will be 24hrs:) hope this helps anyone trying to quit juul