If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you

Discussion created by WhispersQSMB on Oct 4, 2019
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Quitting nicotine, and personally I do not care so much as to "how" people choose to quit, that's their journey, not mine; I care much more that folks just stop smoking and feeding this deadly addiction. Anything I can do to help someone reach their goal of getting smober, then that's really what I'm all about. I love helping others and offering what little experience, strength, and hope that I have. It helps to keep me grounded in my own quit, and it places me in a nice position to try and be of help to the still suffering addict, plus I get to share in the success of others who are also Quit. It's a total win-win, for me.


In all the years that I have been nicotine and smoke free, believe me when I tell you I have been greatly challenged. Many of my challenges have not been pretty, to say the very least. I've faced difficulties that I never ever could have imagined I would face in recovery, nor could I ever have faced any of the hardships I have had to deal with without smoking! There have been a few exceptions, but I'm telling you right now there's not a whole lot that has happened in my life since getting off the death sticks that is quite as brutal as being caught up in the throes of active nicotine addiction.


I imagine for the rest of my life I will meet with many more challenges, and that's just part of the circle of life. The day that I stopped smoking was the day that I promised myself that there is no person, place, or thing worthy of me taking another puff of nicotine, no matter what!!!. Today has been another great day, and I look forward to making the most of tomorrow.


I hope everyone has a great day today... NOPE!