Trials and Tribulations

Discussion created by FusingCypress on Sep 29, 2019
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The past few times I have put down tobacco and the withdrawals started kicking in, one thought was pushed to the front of my mind more than the countless others....." come on, once you get through the withdrawals it will be a lot easier". I think the reason that I  focused on the physical aspect of quitting is because I neglected to reflect on the emotional part of it as well. I never tried to gain insight on all of the choices that were made when I smoked, the money I lost, the times I flew off the handle because I didnt have a smoke. The need to seek that instant gratification by smoking made me a weaker human being. We need that pain...that suffering...that turmoil and the realization that we(pardon my french) have ****** up and it's all our fault. Because it is. But knowing that just enables us to be stronger and can give us more willpower and the mental fortitude to push through those cravings...that need to instantly satisfy... and make us the strongest people on this planet. Knowing our mistakes and living through the pain so we can rise above it all just.....empowers you. Whatever experiences we went through when we smoked...that's how we dealt with them. We smoked. No more. N.O.P.E. Once we get past these trials and tribulations and deal with them by communicating, meditating, deep breathing, and focusing on the positive outcomes instead of dwelling on negativity....there's our resolve. This is how we deal with life. By not letting people put you down, not worrying what others think of you, pushing ourselves emotionally and physically, positive vibes, positive thoughts, living by the golden rule and not seeking instant gratification. Going through pain and suffering is good. This is how we change. No one else is going to know ourselves better than ourselves. Know where ya ****** up...dont let it get you down...punch down those barriers and live your life to the fullest and dont for one second let tobacco control you. You control you...so let's get out there and push ourselves toward success to the excess. 


Much love guys.