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Hi All,

Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes!  I am trying to get into the doctor tomorrow and hoping for the best,  There is no coughing, but all the other times I quit I don't recall being in pain. Today was a tough day and I was off of work so I went out side and trimmed most of my over grown bushes,   cuz I couldn't get my mind off of wanting just one smoke, and they are just down the street at the store. I was out there praying a lot to God & my Mom. I stayed strong and did not go to the corner store YAY.  Congrats to all of you who have pulled this off and have stayed smoke free (that's the part I'm most worried about)  For those of you that are like me and have just started this journey I wish you luck and will include you in my prayers. Good night all thank you for letting me talk will up date soon.


Peace & Prayers

Denise (GrnEyz55)