My day 3

Discussion created by Redhead101 on Sep 28, 2019
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My day went ok I kept busy ,didn't mean I didn't have any crave's I did I just got up got busy like it at  work when I sit there and look at the where I used to smoke at woron my break it kind of bothered me so I went out there with my phone got on ex read some  got me some grapes and a  lozengenger  took the edge off  on my 15 minute break,well let me tell you early that morning my son  got to bugging me so I thought to myself  I need a smoke you know so I thought about I can't do this anymore telling my husband so this is the reason why I can't quit smoking right here stress in my life he said don't let it bother you it'll be okay you're doing it for you well I thought about it it wouldn't make me feel better if I picked up a cigarette so I thought  about how to releave stress took some deep breaths and thought about the situation and handled it done pretty good there lol