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Any interest in an AMA?

Question asked by Dansky98 on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by NDC.Treatment.Team

I know places like Reddit do a TON of AMA's ('ask me anything') where they have a celebrity, expert, or anyone with a unique subset of knowledge or a unique experience, and then allow users to ask that individual all kinds of questions.


I used to work in the marketing department of a tobacco and vape retailer. (specifically, I was a designer there.) Would anyone find that helpful/interesting? Would there be an interest in asking about the inner workings of tobacco marketing, etc? I'd be 100% willing to disclose as much info as I can, though I would prefer to not disclose the name of the company I worked for, for legal purposes. 


I worked there for about 2 years (around 2013-2015) and hated almost every second of it. I only took the job because it was the only job i could find in my field right out of college, and I needed it in order to build my portfolio. I learned a lot about the way that industry works and operates- a lot of which is unsurprisingly problematic and/or shady. I'd be willing to do an AMA if anyone is interested?