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Second Hand Smoke

Question asked by mdkrn2001 on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2019 by Barbscloud

I have a really dumb question, and quite frankly I am afraid of the answer....... I have been on Chantix for numerous weeks and have been smoke-free for 45ish days.  I unfortunately had to enter a smoking shack (where several people were currently smoking) at work because I had to do an interview with an individual that was in there and refused to leave the area...Anyways, I started to feel a bit dizzy after leaving.  What I am afraid of, is that my body absorbed some nicotine and I am feeling the effects?  Please tell me I am wrong...I do NOT want to go through withdrawals again   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!  Please and thank you in advance!!!!!