More Prayers

Discussion created by minihorses on Sep 25, 2019
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We were leaving to go out of town Monday.  When we started to feed the cats before we left and our oldest, Snowball  (14 years) was acting sickly.  He was laying on the floor and wouldn't get up, didn't want food or drink, not even his favorite treats.  He was breathing really fast and his feet were cold. He was fine Sunday. We rushed him to the vet.  He had a fever of 106.5. Cats normally run 100 to 101 degrees. His white blood cell count was really low too and they started giving IV fluids and antibiotics.  They kept him overnight to at least try to stabilize him.  

Unfortunately we had no choice but to go on our short trip because the hotel and concert tickets are already paid for so we left town. I couldn't afford to just walk away.  We got an update Monday night that he was doing better, eating baby food and drinking. He died in the night while we were in SC . 

Anyone with animals knows that pets are like our children and losing them is almost as hard.  He had a fantastic life and we're glad he didn't suffer.  He will be greatly missed.  I will post pictures after I download some from my husband's computer.

Coming home today was very emotional.