My letter to my health❤️

Discussion created by Frida1623 on Sep 24, 2019
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Hi guys , guess it’s more of a resume lol , sorry. Anyways, Today is my first day of reaching out, as I know for sure I may have passed my quit day by a few days, I’ve been semi reading all the helpful texts, but although I tried to   ignore most , as I felt I had the need to remain smoking my ECIG.

  Im not  sure if this group applies to me , quitting, but I’m trying, & it’s kinda the same .

I use to be a real  smoker for over 20 years  or more. My youngest daughter one day helped me quit a few years ago, by introducing me to electric cigarettes . Anyways my device broke today, maybe g-d’s way of answering my prayers.  I know I can feel better , & I’ really strive to quit.  I’m home from work today (under the weather) & I cant help but cry or be depressed. It’s kinda Hard to focus, or feel good about my self, my life, my issues , On this 1st day .

but I know I want to quit .& I know my health is deteriorating from it all. I’m a single mom now, & just turned 58. I am blessed w 5 children & 5 great grandchildren. But Working long hours to support my self & my  almost 19 year old daughter has become hard. So the smoking is not helping the matter. I was a stay at home wife/mom for 34 years.

any tips to keep my mind focused would be greatly appreciated. 

P.s. That same little girl that helped me quit real cigarettes, is now addicted to Ecigs.

 maybe I can quit & one day motivate her! 

Whooo! That felt good to share!