Chantix Woes

Discussion created by queerfactor on Sep 23, 2019
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So I've used nicotine in some form for about four or so years. I started smoking in college both to fit in and deal with the immense amount of stress of my university, then switched to vaping using a Juul a couple years back. (Which was I guess better in some ways, but it was so easy to use everywhere that I truly wonder what the health trade-offs were.) I decided to quit and was put on Chantix to help me out. And it's amazing! I quit Friday at 3:00pm and it's now the following Monday at 1:40pm. I get cravings, but they're nothing I can't handle myself by remembering why I'm doing this and how this is my health at stake.


The problem is this: I have Ulcerative Colitis (a gastrointestinal disease) and Chantix is causing me so much unbearable pain. I finally got the go-ahead to try some additional medicines to help ease it, but I'm worried they won't help. I'm doing so well with not vaping, smoking, or using any nicotine, but this pain is so awful. Part of me wants to suck it up for however many months I need to be on Chantix because I want to quit for good so badly, but wow. This pain is exhausting.


This isn't the first time UC has messed with me trying to better my health and I know it won't be the last. I'm not so much looking for advice as just sharing my experience and venting a little bit. (Although if you've been there, please let me know what you did!) If you have UC or Crohn's, I'd recommend touching base with your gastro before starting Chantix to get a plan in place.