I am trying...but is it hard enough?

Discussion created by mdkrn2001 on Sep 23, 2019
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Day 43 of my quit and I continue to crave them all the time. I am on Chantix and quit 1 week after starting them. I continue to find myself thinking that I should just start smoking again and thinking “I am so tired and exhausted of fighting the urges”.  I am not here looking for sympathy, HOWEVER, I am also not here to be talked down to again, or made to feel like a bother. I am just confused with all of my thoughts running through my head. Smoking has been my crutch since I was a teenager and have smoked for almost 35 years. Yes it sucks, and yes I knew it would suck during my quit. But I honestly thought it would be much easier this late in my quit. I knew there would be bad days but really? I understand I am in No Mans Land also, but that doesn’t really do anything for me. I need to mentally get past this desire to smoke. This is indeed the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I know by smoking, I would be so disappointed in myself as well as knowing that I don’t want to have to try to quit again. This is so miserable. I have tried alternative thinking, meditation, exercise, and lots of Food! UGhhhhhhh!!! Just needing to vent I reckon, I dunno.......... I apparently am not trying hard enough. I am at a loss......I know I must beat this, but do I really wAnt to?  And is this simply the Addiction frustrating