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So, i joined this over a year ago with all intent to stop smoking for good Well, I did it. Cold turkey. BUT...I cheated...I like many of you quit by vaping. I got word of this juul thing, liked it, justified it, and fell into this easy habit of hitting this stupid stick that I could take with me everywhere. I thought, who cares that it costs so much, i might save my life instead of smoking. Constant voices in my head telling me its ok. Until recently, all the recent health scares everywhere...all my anxiety...all that money I've spent...all these many reasons not to now. So i join again with a plan to quit all this madness for good. I've been hooked on nic for nearly 20 years and struggle with bad anxiety. I'm so sick of it. I really want don't want it controlling me. Logic and reality make no sense in our minds of addiction. Just needed to come back and share where I'm at.