Poem: I slipped up. Now do i start over?

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Hello um,

I'm noah.

im no-one,

no-one you know

so her we go um..

Heres a poem. 



Last Friday, i quit. 

Yesterday i slipped,

 what i did, I hit it. 

****. Noah you idiot. 

Im thinkin i should forget it. 

Give in to the craving of vaping i cant even escape it. 

Every tobacco city sign

makes me quake

when it displays




What I'm tryna say is,

is it too late to save it?

or did i frick it up

by one little mistake?

The longer i sit here alone,

the more i feel ashamed. 

Is all my progress to quitting gone?

Can I pretend that it didn’t happen?

Can you pretend you like this rappin’?

Its difficult not cussin

peer pressure of my cousins,

smokin cigs every other ****** 

second is so dispiriting and disruptive. 

To my process

of quitting this habit

its so obnoxious

its hard and exhaustive

Fighting off this,

constant want. 

These cravings. 

Its haunting gosh!

This vaping

The taking, of lives

The THC interlacings

3 years of vaping,

and i cant breathe 

I feel my lungs caving

On my grave it will say

“He succumbed to this enslaving

the legal evil thing that we call vaping

killed him” on the engraving. 

This evil fiend 


Lets talk about nicotine 

why are you so flipping mean?

Left me typing this poem pacing,

Full bodily shaking, dizzy, wobbly,

driven insane with cravings. 

With my blitzing heart racing. 

Emptied out my savings

just to feel the amazing, grazing, of a buzz.

A great sensation so embracing

i cant even think of a way

to put it into phrasing. 

Either way, there's no debating. 

This nicotine will be defeated. 

This one hit was just one set-back. so when i get back,

you'd better believe that i beat it. 

This one juul hit wont be the one to destroy my improvements. 

I just need someone to telling me i can actually do it.