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Oh my stars!  The weather has gotten a little cooler around here so I pulled out a pair of slacks for work this morning that I haven't warn since Feb/Mar.  I managed to stuff myself into them and get them zipped, but it was not a pretty sight.  You know those biscuits that come in a tube?  You smack the tube against the side of the counter and they kind POOF out?  (We call them womp biscuits in the South).  That's the visual you need.  POOFed out at the top, tight everywhere else.


Those trousers went back in the closet and I rummaged until I found something that was clean and fit.  Or, at least fit better.  Weather and fashion were not part of the sartorial decision-making at that point.


I accepted that I might gain a little weight quitting smoking.  I had not anticipated how much weight.  But it makes sense.  I have basically become a Hobbit since quitting - you know; first breakfast, second breakfast, followed by elevensies, lunch, tea, afternoon snack, and supper.


Feeling annoyed today.  Quitting is the best thing I have ever done for my health; but since I quit, my sinuses have gotten worse, my face has broken out, my digestion is delicate, and I've got fat.  That is NOT what I signed up for.

Or maybe it is. 



Still quit, staying quit

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