Quitting JUUL

Discussion created by TLSQUIT4LIFE on Sep 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Jbc87

Curious if anyone else is finding the JUUL quit more difficult than they have cigarettes in the past.  The challenge that most people don’t realize about vaping, and JUUL in particular, is that it is constantly convenient and easy to vape....which means addicts like me will do it NON-STOP.  It is constantly in my pocket or in my hand.  I sneak in hits of vape non-stop throughout my day.  In my office, in the rest room, in my bed....I am finding it far more difficult to quit....probably because the amount of nicotine I am getting is so much higher than cigarettes.  


I am desperate to take control of my life back and am embarrassed that I am finding myself in the position of being addicted to nicotine AGAIN!  I successfully quit cigarettes for over 14 years and then thought I could have just led to buying my own and right back to my old smoking habit.  I transitioned to the JUUL thinking it was healthier...and here I am....regardless of the delivery device, I’m once again addicted to nicotine.  


I am armed with the patch and gum if needed and going to take another crack at it.