Almost a month...

Discussion created by RevTerrie on Sep 4, 2019

I've had so much stress lately that it's been unbelievable. I haven't smoked. In eight days, I'll be smoke-free for a month. The hardest part is having them smoking right in front of me like nothing has changed. So many times I've wanted a cigarette, but I'm not letting them ruin what I've done for myself and for my Zonie. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I had something fall right into my opportunity that I never expected. I knew that I had some credits leftover from college and I had planned on using them sometime toward my doctorate down the road. Well, the college I went to got in touch with me and I have enough credits for another degree if I just add a few classes. I could do it in one semester. They wanted me to know so that I could plan on using them and not letting them to waste. I never thought there were enough for that. Getting that extra degree will allow me to get practically any position that I want. I can't keep going on without income and not finding a job due to health reasons. My health is getting better since I quit smoking. The digestive disease and seizure disorder were the worst issues I've been dealing with and trying to get under control. With the few months it takes for a semester I could have it all under much better control and have the degree to get a job that pays well enough for everything I need. If I just keep focusing on that and not on someone's drinking and smoking and lack of support, I'll have my life back in no time. Zonie and I can move out of here and back in to our own place and get another car with a great job with great benefits. Most importantly, I'm not smoking no matter how hard the stress is..... and if I am getting through the stress I've been having without smoking, I think I just may have a good chance at not doing it again. I just have to keep focused on the future. God does it every time. When you think you can't possibly take it anymore.....a blessing comes!