Day 1 of quitting Juul cold turkey

Discussion created by AllieAllerson on Sep 1, 2019
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I have been smoking at least a pod a day since a year ago. I lost a good friend to suicide and as silly as it sounds, vaping at work and at home where no one would know, was really helpful. That little rush of nicotine gave me comfort nothing else did. Now that it has been almost one year and after reading several horror stories I see about the Juul I decided to stop. I wanted to ask if anyone else who has attempted to quit this thing cold turkey has experienced chest pain or pain around the lungs? At first I felt a tightness in my throat but now that it has been about 19 hours since I took my last puff I feel I can't get a deep breath in due to tightness and pain. I am hoping this is all in my head and it's some form of my anxiety but I am also worried I have done serious damage to my lungs and need to go to the ER. Any advice would be appreciated.