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Resting Heart Rate

Question asked by PrimeNumberJD on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2019 by elvan

I am sort of intrigued, when someone quits, eating heart rate is reduced by an average of 7 beats per minute. I went from a resting heart rate (RHR) of 65 to an 82 as of today. 


Now there are many factors that mess with RHR, sleep, illness, activity (too much or too little) and so forth. 


I have been traveling (3 weeks straight now, 6 weeks in 2 months) and I am at a higher elevation then I'm used to. I don't tend to sleep much anymore (8 plus hours to feel rested before writing, 5 hours now). I had an initial drop (first week), but have been steadily climbing since. 


When I get home, traveling today, I'll check my BP, though i have had high BP before and don't feel like it is high. Some limitations is my measurement is a Fitbit, but it is a common device with months of data prior to quitting. 


Has anyone experienced an increased RHR where a decrease should be seen?