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Right now I want a cigarette so bad!! I got through that craving before and was okay. Along with Dad having emphysema and smoking 3 packs a day, he's also an alcoholic. Well, he's been drinking all last night and again today and he's about as mean as a rattlesnake. I've had my fill of him now. He finally passed out. Mom works 2 days a week and tomorrow is one of them. I'm not looking forward to day three of his bad mood and being drunk. Zonie and I can only spend so much time outside. The digestive disease has been horrible today and my brain even felt funny, which only happens after having seizures in my sleep. So I probably had some in my sleep last night from stress and have effects of that today. I can't wait to get my life back. I fight every day to move forward and get closer to that day. The day after I move out of here I'm having a big smoke-free party. You're all invited!