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Quitting effect on blood sugar question

Question asked by Benedina on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2019 by AnnetteMM

Dear Everyone,  i am reaching out to those who have quit all nicotine who may be prediabetic or diabetic with a weird question. 


I’m currently on the walk of shame as my quit date for CONSTANT vaping has past and I used excuses to extend that date. Yes, I feel ashamed of myself and was even afraid to log back on, but I am NOT giving up.  I will pick a new quit date, and want to thank everyone here for your wonderful support, insight and contributions. I am going to start listening to all the great suggestions and have bookmarked all the suggested web links. I have also ordered Allen Carr’s book; it arrives tomorrow.


Here is my question.  As a prediabetic (and I believe that the increased nicotine delivery of vaping all the time contributed to this as I never had blood sugar issues before vaping) I am always reading about ways to lower blood sugar. 


I’ve recently been reading valid sites that say doctors tell prediabetic and diabetics to closely monitor their blood sugar after quitting any form of nicotine (including gum, patches, and lozenges) because quitting nicotine actually increases blood sugar for up to three years. Then it returns to normal. I am NOT using this as an excuse not to quit vaping. Because of you fine people, I am going to pick a new quit date.  I just want to know if anyone has information on the increase of blood sugar after quitting nicotine. Is this true ? And if true, what kind of increase should I expect so that I can alter eating and excercise to compensate for a possible increase in blood sugar and A1c after I quit this horrible vaping? 


Has anyone experienced a rise in blood sugar and A1c levels after quitting all nicotine ? If so, did it increase a little or a lot? Again, it’s not going to keep me from quitting. I just want to know what to expect so I can be prepared. 


Thank you and have a great day today.