Day 7

Discussion created by RevTerrie on Aug 18, 2019
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It's easier now than it was a few days ago. The fact that this house smells like a bar actually helps. It's amazing how bad smoke smells now that I can smell it. My bedroom is my sanctuary where it smells nice without the cigarette smoke. The rest of the house has two people smoking like chimneys. There are times when I still really want to smoke, but I'm still going and plan to make it. I've been eating little licorice bites and that seems to be helping a lot. I have zero support here to quit. They would rather I just smoked, it seems. Sometimes I think they resent me for doing something that they can't, or don't want to, do so if I don't succeed it will make them feel better. I refuse to give up! No more cigarettes! I really want this for myself and I will continue to live without smoking. When I finally move out of here, I want my place to smell wonderful when people walk in and not like a dance club. Each day that goes by I feel better and stronger. Thank you all so much for letting me vent and giving me the support I need. You're truly saving my life. The digestive disease is bad and I'm I have to take pills whenever I try to eat food since my pancreas isn't working the way it should and I have calcified areas on my liver. All of this causes pain. Smoking is the absolute worst thing that I can do. I'm quitting for me and my health.