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Can Ecigs cause respiratory issues?

Question asked by Lucille322 on Aug 18, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Sootie

Just wondering if people smoke cigarettes and ecigs.  I’m 66 yrs and have smoked since I was 16.  In all that time I only quit for 6 weeks.  I remember when I was into college and when you came to class you’d grab an ashtray and smoked at your desk.  Even professors smoked.  So, smoking was pretty normal.  It’s been over a year since I had an acute manic episode.  Took a long time to get stable.  During that time my anxiety was horrible.  Since we are unable to smoke in our apartments, I started to smoke ecigs inside. Then go outside to smoke regular cigarettes.  Basically, I had a cigarette in my mouth every waking hour.  In the past 2 months Ive been experiencing terrible COPD.  It’s awful.  Hard to breathe, tired all the time.  Use 2inhalers and nebulizer.  Much of the time the steroids make me miserable and suffer more anxiety.  I quit regular cigarette about 6 weeks ago but went back to smoking for a week.  Still using ecig because I’m so addicted.  I’m trying to rid myself of this habit.  It’s destroying my lungs.  My nicotine level is 4 now.  Suffocating is not a way to die.  It is truly miserable.  My doctor was ok with ecig but said to quit tobacco cigs.  This was about 2 yrs ago.  Since then, actually this past week, there have been reports about kids vaping in Minnesota (where I live) and are suffering serious respiratory problems.  I want to learn about anyone who smoke ecigs and if they are having any symptoms from it.  Thanks kindly