Never let down your guard

Discussion created by PastTense on Aug 15, 2019
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I just got hit by a very vivid picture in my mind of buying and smoking.  An entire plan of where to buy, where to hide, and where to smoke was suddenly in my head in living color.  I am shocked!  After two weeks, I should be past that!

My inner junkie was actually reviewing the logistics for gaps.  (I am really good at planning).

You know what?  I'll never be free of the cravings and the junkie thinking if I keep "sneaking" smokes.

As has been pointed out before, quitting is a process of building a NEW habit to replace the Old habit.

  I am still in the middle of it.  If I revert back to the old habit - even once! - I strengthen it.  If I use the new habit every time, it will eventually replace the old. 

I'm rambling until I am confident that when I leave work I will keep my quit!

Day 15