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Unbearable sweating???

Question asked by Jmklenck on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by WhispersQSMB

Just signed up for this! I figured it was time to stop wasting my money. 


So I am not addicted to cigs but rather ecigs. Two things happened to me within this past week that gave me a totally different mindset towards smoking (cigs or ecigs). 


1) One of my coworkers ( a former smoker) was told she has two weeks to live. She switched from cigs to juul as an alternative. 


2) I saw a popular post on twitter about a kid that had been juuling for a year and it caused a collapsed lung and black dots all over his lungs.


Quitting is hard. I’ve quit before (15 days) but what got me back into was I stupidly smoked weed ONCE (which I had also been 15 days clean from) with my friends to celebrate and it progressively got worse to now I am back where I was. 


Anyways I noticed last time I quit I had awful night sweats. Has anyone else experienced this? I would wake up and it would literally feel like i had gotten out of the shower and gone directly to bed. 


I know this is rambling but I needed to do something to get my mind off the cravings lol! Feel free to reply whatever you want!!!