6 Months and I'm Just Now Craving Badly. Danger!

Discussion created by Throwbvibe on Aug 8, 2019
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I'm a newbie.  I quit on Feb 5 cold Turkey after 19 years of smoking an average of half a pack a day.  This was honestly a pretty pain free quit.  I think being in a different city with family helped.  I also started on a low dosage antidepressant for my anxiety/ depression issues.  Its helped.  What also helped my quit was this bout of hypochondria I had right around my quit.  I've worked through that in the past few months.


My surroundings haven't changed but these past 2 weeks i've had serious craves! I'm also getting very depressed about the idea of never smoking.  The thought of everything i used to enjoy feels boring and meaningless without it. I used to love playing poker; having a drink with friends; playing pool etc.  When I return to my hometown I cant picture doing any of those things without smoking. The thought of it depresses me and makes me anxious . I've began to rationalize a few cigs pr returning to Hookahs which I smoked when I quit cigs fot a few years.  The scary part is I'm even rationalizing just becoming a life long smoker - "we gotta die somehow!"  Yeah I'm at that level of denial. 


Please help. This feels like torture. I'm 6 months in and I now feel like its day 2!