Keeping you’re quit on the right path

Discussion created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Aug 7, 2019
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If you are having a hard time keeping you’re quit on the right path listen to what you are saying to yourself then listen to what people say that have successful quits.  How we talk to ourselves has a big impact on us. Think about it what are you telling yourself?


Are you saying to yourself

I can do this I can stop smoking

Yes I can quit smoking

Not one puff ever no matter what happens

I will make a Permanent commitment to quit smoking

I am worth it I will stay smoke free

I will make my quit work

I am in control not this addiction


Or are you hearing yourself say


This is hard I can’t do this

I don’t want to quit smoking

I can’t quit I have a lot of problems

I have to smoke I have anxiety and it helps me

I have pain all the time and it helps to smoke

I can’t stop smoking people around me smoke all the time

People smoke all the time and they don’t have cancer yet