How many times did you try to quit before you quit for good?

Discussion created by WhispersQSMB on Aug 6, 2019
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 It has taken me over 10 attempts, i honestly stopped counting. Whats crazy is my first quit attempt 02/10/2010 wasn't as tough as the attempts after, i was told get past 30 days and you're in the clear by a good friend. I believed him. After i blew that on 9/24/2012 i made the mistake of putting off quitting. I didn't go right back to a pack a day but here and there and within a month i was back. I waited until early march 2015 to quit again, and relapse after relapse. Some quits were a few weeks, 1 was over 3 months until i decided on 11/25/2015 i was done beating myself up.