Quitting Juul cold turkey / anxiety

Discussion created by Pmurphy7420 on Aug 6, 2019
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Hey guys, glad I found this site, it has been very rewarding reading some of the posts. I have always messed around with nicotine on and off here and there but never really had a “day to day addiction” per se until about 2013 when i started vaping. Just your normal basic vape from a vape shop, nothing crazy. Puffed on it ALOT for a year or so and one day just didn’t want it anymore and was able to get over it WITHIN 2 days, no cravings, nothing. It was so easy. Now I think Larry of that had to do with sitting in a sauna everyday but im not sure. So fast forward two years and I found out about Juul. I hate cigs, I wouldn’t ever touch one again, haven’t in over 5 years, but I love nicotine. As well all know the Juul is convienant. I started issuing it here and there and it quickly began to be in my hand or mouth all the time. Now I do smoke cannibis so I like nicotine when I do that. I am on day two of cold turkey and I’m feeling alright but my anxiety is sky rocketed. I do have trouble with anxiety but it’s in check for the most part. I think this is certainly triggering it. I’m craving nicotine but my mind is saying no. I bought some gum that I haven’t popped open yet As I’m seeing how long I can go. I have no interest in picking up a Juul as much as my nervous system and brain might want to, which is why I’m going cold turkey. Any tips and thoughts would be helpful. Do you all have a good experience with gum/losanges? It says to chew one piece every 1 to 12 (weeks 1 to 6) hours......then bump it to 1 piece every 2 to 4 (weeks 7-10) and then 1 piece every 4 to 8 (week 10 to 12). Any thoughts or tips?