Starting to Quit/Need Help ASAP

Discussion created by vishnusuren on Aug 7, 2019
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Hey everybody, 


     I'm a new member and I think I have already quit but I'm not quite sure. I'm currently in high school and I stop vaping in periods. I primarily used high nicotine level products like Juul and being in high school, it's in a lot of places. The one place that I can go and always know that nobody will vape is during band, specifically Marching Band. I never vape during marching season because it is very tough to play the trumpet when your lungs are constantly being stunted. We are a really good band and I am on leadership and I would say I'm a pretty good student overall. But I moved to Florida one year ago, and one of the reasons I moved was because everyone in my old school vaped and it was tough for me to find a right fit so I thought maybe moving would solve the problem. But it didn't. It helped a little bit because still I'm fairly new to the school and a lot of people don't know me, but I do know a good amount of people at my school and a lot of them vape. So, a few weeks ago, I went to New Jersey to see my old friends and of course everyone was still vaping, so I hit my friends juul and he gave me that pod for free, and when I got to my aunt's house, I actually cut open a wire and used it to vape what was left of the pod. But the entire summer, because I really haven't left my house, I didn't use nicotine, and I can go without it for weeks, but when the situation presents itself, I have a hard time saying no. School starts in a week, and I don't want to go back to school and repeat all the same bs because I want to focus on getting into college and actually want to show my parents I'm not a failure and I can get over this habit. So the main questions I have are, 1. Am I an addict?  2. If so, should I seek help from a rehab center or a doctor or how would I go about treating it because I want to make sure I never do it again?   and 3. How do I stay away from e-cigs in an environment where they are everywhere?