Saturday chores - The Never Ending Story

Discussion created by PastTense on Aug 3, 2019
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We just moved in to a new house 3 weeks ago.  All the kiddos have flown the nest and we down-sized from 5 bedrooms to 2.  It's been a difficult transition.  We have accumulated so much STUFF!!  Some of it is really cool, but a lot of it is just STUFF.

The house we bought is old and needs lots of repairs.  Not terrible because we like house projects, but every project so far has become a nightmare.  I went to change out a bathroom faucet last night and discovered it had been "repaired" over the years and had a variety of pipe sizes, fittings, welds, and other modifications.  The pipe was completely rusted through and being held together by the chrome plating.  THREE trips to the hardware store to get all the parts needed to put this thing back together.  

Good news?  Too busy to smoke or really even think about smoking

Bad news?  Three trips to the hardware store!


I'm off to repair the kitchen faucet.  I hope to be done by Monday.

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