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I have a prescription for Chantix but I'm terrified.

Question asked by ewells1014 on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by Barbscloud

My mother in law swears by it and has been smoke free for almost a year now.  I'm TRULY terrified to start it after reading everything from the Chantix website, to patient reviews on, to  I'm generally healthy and the only thing I take is NP Thyroid (desiccated thyroid for Hashimoto's) and vitamins.  I don't drink.  I'm mentally healthy for the most part, but I do believe I may be mildly depressed.  (We moved 6-7 months ago, away from all friends and family, so my husband could start a new job.)  Other than the occasional anxiety (when I start to over think things, lol) I believe I'm mentally healthy.  I have never had a suicidal thought a day in my life.  


I am so scared I'll be the one in a million who has one of the truly bad side effects.  I realize if I start feeling "off" or otherwise bad, I can stop taking the medicine, but what worries me most at this point are the long term effects of taking it.  I've read a couple reviews where people swear the drug somehow "rewired" their brain, and where they were never anxious/depressed/angry before, they are now--many months after coming off Chantix.  


I'm looking for personal experiences how Chantix worked for you or close friends/family.  Did you feel mentally "well" after stopping the medicine?  Did you go off the deep end and have a mental break while (or after) using Chantix?