Many Prayers Needed

Discussion created by minihorses on Jul 28, 2019
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I humbly request prayers for my husband, his dad and his dad's wife.  Last fall his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer does not have a remission or cure and is agressive.  He is starting to decline rapidly now.  My husband went to see them Friday and he said his dad looks terrible from when he saw them last month.  For those of you who've not been on EX back then you may recall that my f-i-l's wife hates me and won't let me come down and visit.  She takes fantastic care of him and that's probably what's keep him alive this long and I praise her for it.

Please pray for my husband, his father and his father's wife. This has been a rough ride for everyone.  None of them are Christian so I'm reaching out to the best support group ever, even if it's not totally about smoking  I had the passing thought of smoking but it left when the light turned green.  My God is love, compassion. the light, and life and I would be very thankful for all of your prayers to lift up my father-in-law to the living hands of Christ. No prayers for me are necessary. This is not about me, it's just about my f-i-l, my husband and his dad's wife. I praise the Lord every day for this compassionate group of people!