out of commission for a while/update

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jul 26, 2019
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fell & dislocated pinkie on right hand in 3 places.  in a splint.  back when I can.  be good!



Update 8/1/19

Not sure why the NP (nurse practitioner) said it was dislocated in three places (looks like only one to me from the xray), but just wanted to add the actual image of the xray as it might be interesting to those who have never seen what a complete dislocation looks like.  (Sure was interesting to me!)  I found Greg's xray of his spleen really interesting and illuminating  (not that we're comparing ailments, his is much more severe)  so thought I'd stick in a couple of what a dislocated finger looks like.  It's kinda amazing to see.  (Let alone to experience!)




It WAS put back in place.  And "buddy wrapped" and they gave me a splint.  Still swollen, (icing off and on) but trying to be more active with it.  Not being too good about keeping the splint on during the day, (unless I'm doing something stressful with the hand) but do sleep with it.