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During your quit, do you find yourself doing spontaneous things?

Question asked by Samanthadoom on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2019 by jonimarie

I ask because yesterday I randomly decided I was going to learn how to poach an egg. Hahaha. For reals! I literally was driving home from work wanting to cave on nicotine and then thought....I wonder how hard it is to poach an egg? I have never tried this. I am gonna look this up online when I get home and do it. Random random random. But it makes me laugh. Hope it makes you laugh too. Can you relate? In a different example of learning or doing something totally out of the blue during your quit? 

This has not been an easy quit for me at all. I have caved twice and bought a new ecig just to think how totally ridiculous it is that i did that to throw it out and start again. It’s only Wednesday. That’s the ecigs I have bought and thrown away for one puff. That cost me a lot a lot a lot of money. These are not inexpensive mistakes. I have to stay quit this week and I have to make it. I appreciate all of you and I sure hope my next post is me saying I made it more then 72 hours and on my way to over it.