The thing about smoking - note to new quitters

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 17, 2019
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Here I am on day 213 and I still wonder about the logic and sensibility of smoking. It just doesn't exist. New quitters, elders, and all of in between need to remember that - there is no reason to smoke.


I'm casually observing a friend who smokes. Every single place we go, they scope out where they can go to smoke outside. I did that too. Where's the place I can go, y'all? Every day and every activity is scheduled in a weird way around smoking. Every meal is preceded by a cigarette and followed by one. When we go to visit someone, they again look for the place where they can smoke. If there's another smoker around, they gravitate toward one another. It is never off their mind.


I believe that Allen Carr's book (Easy way) saved my life. I also believe the people here and the fellowship of nonsmokers has saved my life. And I also believe I saved my life by ascribing to Carr's "there is no reason to smoke" concept.


To all you new quitters, keep going. I am you and you can be me. There are people here that I'm trying to catch up with and one day I will, or at least I'll match their numbers. We're here for you and, hopefully, you'll be here for even newer quitters than you.

I'm closing in on a year. I'm not there yet and I don't assume I will be, but I'm making my best effort. Join me!



Day 213