What made this nest?????

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Jul 15, 2019
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So tonight I walked out the front door to go throw apples out to the edge of the woods for the deer. We have a little sidewalk across from the front door that I have a long mulched flower bed against it. I did not see this nest yesterday, so it is new. I see not a thing flying around it. It is raised about 1 and half inches from the ground width of it is about 3-4 inches. The hole is centered and about an inch wide or slightly less perhaps? In all the years at the farm, I have never seen a nest like this and I have seen many yellow jacket nest in the ground in the pastures...but this?????? It almost resembles puppy chow with a hole in the center...and no, my dog was not in that area.,..or any other dog. HELP!

Would a hummingbird do that?


Meanwhile I am going to be watching it with binoculars in the morning to see what the heck made it.