Just go for a walk❤

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In the beginning - I was 275 lbs in August of 2010 smoking 50 death sticks a day and laying on the couch flipping through the channels - I clicked on the fitness channel - I clicked on walking and Leslie Sansone walking video played and at the end she said - I challenge you to just get up where you are and walk in place for 2-3 MINUTES everyday for 30 days - so I took her challenge just 2 or 3 MINUTES walking in place - I am NOW 220lbs and walk her dvd at home -  I do 5 miles monday to Saturday and 3xs a week I do bowflex for 20 minutes and I am NICOTINE free since jan 6 2011 - I remember I was too heavy in MY thighs to do one of the walking steps and leslie says if you cant do it yet -  just walk in place to the beat of the music - you will get stronger each time you keep walking - so I kept walking and I was able after 30 days to do ALL the steps and I cried the first time I could move MY thighs in step to the exercise called cross step - I was so joy filled I was stronger -  and very grateful to God for blessing ME with Leslie Sansone - gentle hug❤