Your mouth will thank you when you quit

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 8, 2019
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I, like a lot of smokers, have had oodles of dental work done due to my continued battering of my gums and mouth with the smoke from a stupid cigarette over and over. I have had 2 bridges due to damage. Those both came out over time, and now I'm working on my second round of implants.


That sounds so simple, but think about it - I ruined my gums. I then paid a LOT of money to have bridges that failed. Now I'm paying about $10K for implants. Implants, in case you don't know, require surgery, crowns, and a lot of waiting and visits to the oral surgeon's and then the dentist's office.


I have a partial for the lower part of my mouth. That's partial dentures for those of you who don't know. It replaces 5 teeth that I probably ruined by having my wisdom teeth out and smoking.


Implants - During the multi-visit prep work and surgeries, one of my implants fell out. Probably due to being a smoker. I had another surgery to put it in, and those 2 are now done. Today, I had surgery again because the 2 implants on the left side developed infection, probably related to smoking (though I haven't smoked for a long while). After the prep work for this side, I'll leave the oral surgeon, go back to my dentist, and then get those crowns again. Along the way, there are periods of pretty impressive pain.


At the moment, we're able to afford this financially and time wise, but in the past, and in the future when Richard retires, no way. If I were working full time, I'd be hard pressed to get the time off to have all this work done.


I'd like people who are on the fence about their quit to look into the damage they're doing in their mouths. It's just one more thing we give up by continuing to smoke. Are you willing to have crappy oral health and risk all the stupid procedures I (and many others) have gone through? Have you given any thought to why your teeth are a little loose? You brush, you floss, and you rinse, but you still smoke and negate all the good things you're doing for yourself.


I'm done preaching. I just find myself taking pain meds and antibiotics today after what I hope is the last of the oral surgery pieces of this last set of implants.


Please don't smoke and if you do, please quit.



Day 203 (which my oral surgeon thinks is very cool)